Birthday Parties

Ages 1 - 16 years

It's the gymnastics birthday party your child will never forget. We supply a certified instructor to lead the first hour of games (age appropriate), obstacle courses, gymnastic activities, giggles galore and so much more. For the last hour, you'll have access to our mezzanine kitchen for party festivities. We guarantee the children will be active, entertained and challenged in our colourful and unique gym facility. Whether your child is turning 2 or 12, our parties provide great value for up to 20 children.

$320.00 + GST (up to a maximum of 20 children, including the birthday child, for a total of 2 hours)

About our Parties


Gymtastics parties are filled with games, special activities, gymnastics circuits and much more! Whether your child is 2 or 12 they will be entertained in our colorful and unique gym facility. Parents are welcome on the gym floor to take pictures and help supervise, however, parents are not permitted to play on the equipment.  Children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult. Waivers must be signed for the child participating and the parent assisting the participant.

The party room is accessible for set-up during the hour the children are in the gym. 

On arrival the host / hostess will be directed to the party room to make preparations for the hour of the party.

For the first hour of the party we supply certified instructors to lead age appropriate games, obstacle courses and gymnastics activities. Parents are welcome on the gym floor to take pictures and help supervise however, are NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY ON THE EQUIPMENT. Children under the age of 4 years must be accompanied by an adult. 

The last hour of the party is in the party room where the host / hostess are in charge of all food and fixings. Families are required to clean up prior to departure. (Sweep floors, wipe down tables and counter tops. Thank you!)


To book, click the button below, then choose your preferred location. Once you enter the secure registration sight you will be required to "create an account" only if you do not already have one. Parties fill quickly so book early!

Additional Charges:
Failure to exit the party room on time or clean up as requested above will result in an additional charge of $30.00.
Helium filled balloons are not allowed within the facility.

If cancellation notice is given thirty days prior to the party, a $30.00 cancellation fee will be charged.

If cancellation is given after the thirty-day deadline, half of the party fee will be refunded.

Party transfers will result in a $10.00 administration fee.

Registration Temporarily Closed

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