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At GYMTASTICS, we offer a unique, innovative and creative approach to gymnastics instruction. We believe that teaching should focus not only on gymnastic skills, but also on helping develop a child's emotional, mental and physical attributes and self-esteem. In our safe, clean and family-friendly environment, we offer gymnastics and tumbling and trampoline programs for all ages, whether recreational or competitive. We believe that gymnastics can enhance the all-around physical health of almost everyone, and that it provides an excellent base for all sports and life skills.










Preschool Program
Tumbling and Trampoline
Birthday Parties
Summer Camps
Women's precompetitive & Competitive Programs
Men's precompetitive & Competitive Programs
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We bend over backwards for our customers.

At Gymtastics our goal is to support and create programs for all levels of athletes starting from the young preschooler to the competitive level. Our coaching philosophy focuses on each individual’s personal growth emotionally, physically, and mentally. Gymtastics uses the fun, fitness, and fundamentals of gymnastics to reach as many people as possible through the sport and help them grow to be the best they can be. We believe that it is not necessarily the final product that is important but the learning process that matters most. We pride ourselves on being child centred and creating a family friendly environment. Our mission is to help every child reach their fullest potential.




About Gymtastics


Our star attraction and mascot.

GymTwinkle is a lot more than the GYMTASTICS mascot. He's a teaching aide and relatable friend for our pre-school students. GymTwinkle participates in the theme of the week, wearing clown hats for circus week and pajamas during our pajama party. Always ready to greet you with hugs and a big smile, GymTwinkle represents our belief that every child is a star just for being who they are.

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Gymtastics is a place for all ages and abilities.


160, 7260-12 St SE

Calgary, Alberta T2H 2S5

(403) 254-9010

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Jen French

"The classes are most importantly, fun. I see the girls find the courage to take risks in a safe environment, emotionally and physically, which helps them embody the energy that children have to spend. I highly recommended the program."

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